April 14, 2014

  • Whew!

    I just finished cleaning the refrigerator, after I cooked dinner and washed dishes.  Now I am tired.  The reason I had to clean it is that tomorrow we have to go pick up 40 lbs of ground beef that I’ve already paid for.  I’ve bought meat before from a company called Zaycon, and we’ve been very happy with it.  It’s not cheap, but it is less than the equivalent in stores.  Grass fed, free range, organic, all that good stuff.  So far we’ve only tried the chicken breasts and ground beef.  I wanted to have space in the frig in case I don’t get it all wrapped and frozen tomorrow.  So now I have most of 2 shelves free.  Yay!  It’s amazing what you find in a frig that hasn’t been cleaned in awhile.  No pictures, and no details.

    In other news, my daughter phoned to tell me her 4 year old daughter has head lice.  I remember those days.  Glad they are over, at least for me.-

    Do you ever turn your keyboard over and shake it to get the crumbs out?  I really shouldn’t eat at the computer.  Good night.  Hope y’all sleep well tonight.  I plan to.

April 13, 2014

  • Signs of Spring

    Two days ago my grand-daughter and I took our first walk of 2014.

    See, the grass is green!!!  Do you see the “hillbilly” mail box? It broke when it was still quite new. My mother gets LOADS of catalogs and packages, which is probably why it broke. Anyway, I fastened it together with duct tape. Every year I have to put more tape on it.

    My son-in-law has been working on his boat and getting it all ready for fishing.

    My neighbor on the corner hung her wash on the line for the first time this year.

    Neighbor children enjoying a trampoline.

    Buds on the maple tree.Pretty soon the little whirlygigs will be all over the porch.

    Tulip leaves.

    Ducks doing hi-jinks on the pond.

    P.S. This is not a poem, but I did use the word hi-jinks..

April 12, 2014

  • Finally…a poem?

    Cabin Fever

    When I’m 96 will I have cabin fever?
    My mother does, and she’s 96.
    I’m 76 and can get out and go when I want to.
    Mother can’t.
    She has to wait for me to take her.
    She has to wait until she feels strong enough.
    Then she has to get dressed.
    Her usual nightie and robe won’t do for going out.
    I should be more sympathetic than I am.
    If I live to be 96,
    I’ll find out what cabin fever really is.

    I don’t know if that’s a poem or not, but there it is. I wonder what everyone else will write about?
    Janet could write about an old cabin on the beach. Aloysius’Son could tell us about the fever that he had that drove him to build a cabin in the woods. Carolyn could tell us about real cabins that people live in in the Philippines, made of trash and stuff. Jill might take a picture of a little cabin in the antique mall (they must have at least one.) Murisposis could tell about finding a cache near a cabin. Frank could show us a picture of Rusty peeing on the wall of a cabin. Hehehee. This is fun. I’d better quit before I get myself in trouble.

April 11, 2014

  • Company

    Our company has all left, at least for now.  We wonder who will come next.  We like to make our guests feel at home.


    Johnny was our first pastor when we were married. When we went to Africa, he and his family left Seal Beach, Calif. and went to Simi Valley. After several years there they moved to Alaska where he pastored a church in Eagle River near Anchorage. I think they were there 17 years. Now they have lived for 15 years in Alabama, since Johnny’s aunt died, and left him a house and a ranch. He’s a little older than we are, in his early 80′s. His health has not been good ever since he and his tractor had an argument with a semi. The semi won, though the driver turned it on it’s side trying to avoid hitting the tractor. Johnny’s biggest regret now is that the Dr. will not let him ride his horses. Notice that he wears his boots, even while he’s taking a nap.
    Sometime I should write a post about interesting pastors I have known.

April 6, 2014

  • No Poems

    If I weren’t so busy, I might try to write a poem or two.  We’re still trying to get hubby’s meds adjusted……….coumadin to keep his blood thin, pills for blood pressure and diabetes.  Tomorrow we both go for coumadin checks.  Also, tomorrow is his birthday.  The friends who are staying with us will be back from a few days in Mich. tomorrow.  Meanwhile, some other old friends just left today.  They were here while the others were gone.  I’ve been washing sheets and towels a lot.  Just thankful for an automatic washer and dryer.  I can remember when I was little, we had a wringer washer and some clotheslines.   I was always afraid of the wringer.  One of my friends broke her arm in one.  We had one in Africa too.  I showed the man who worked for us how to use it, so I didn’t have to.  We only washed clothes once a week there, and then only when the generator was running.  One of the other missionary ladies had 4 boys who wet their beds a lot.  She told me she just hung the sheets on the clothesline in the sunshine.  If it happened to rain, so much the better.  Hope the next week is good for all of us.  I’m enjoying reading your poems, even if I don’t always comment.

March 29, 2014

  • Cover Photo


    1. Somewhere inside my head there lives a tiny poet. He escaped or woke up briefly, I’m not sure which. Here is the result:
      Fire and ice,
      Wind and calm.
      I have no eyes,
      And yet I see.
      Love and hate,
      High and low.
      I have no feet,
      And yet I run.
      Truth and lies,
      Grace and fear.
      I have no hands,
      And yet I take.
      Fire and ice,
      Wind and calm.
      I have no ears,
      And yet I hear.
      Eyes and feet,
      Hands and ears.
      I have these things,
      They are not mine.
      All I am,
      Made by Him.
      Memory and regret,
      Thoughts unbidden,
      I am forgiven.
      Fire and ice,
      Wind and calm.
      Contrary natures,
      What I am.

March 28, 2014

  • St. Patrick’s Day

    We spent St. Patrick’s Day at the hospital.  Here is the menu in the cafeteria.  You can see my reflection in the picture.


    Table decorations with TX. daughter. We both wore some green. My grandma used to try to get my brother and me to wear orange because her parents were Scotch-Irish and came from Nothern Ireland. We always wore green instead because we didn’t want to get pinched. I wonder if school kids still do that. Would it be considered harassment today?




    The snow- covered trees and bushes looked so pretty with the lights shining on them. I was glad that the kids insisted on driving me to and from the hospital.


    TX daughter wanted to show her family Indiana snow.  Most of our snow has melted now, but the weather-guessers are saying we might have more snow in the next couple of weeks.

March 24, 2014

  • Getting Better

    My husband is getting better.  Today he is walking in the house without his walker.  We went to the coumadin clinic this morning.  He rode in a wheel chair from the front door of the hospital to the clinic, since it’s a long walk.  We take his blood sugar and blood pressure twice a day, and try to remember all his meds.  Our middle daughter put them in one of those pill box organizers.  Our kids have been wonderful helpers.  His main complaint now is that his back hurts.

    I haven’t done much else, except take care of him, fix meals (trying to follow the diet the hospital suggested), and basic housework.

    The cat is sitting on the arm of my computer chair chasing her tail.  Kind of makes it hard to type.  Do they still call it typing?

    Most of our snow has melted……..yay!

    We have to go back to the coumadin clinic Thurs.  April 2 we go to the family Dr. then the next day to the cardiologist.  The 23rd of April we see the surgeon for a follow-up app’t.  Lots of Dr. visits.  On top of all that, our daughter-in-law will have gall bladder surgery tomorrow.  It is supposed to be out-patient.  Oldest daughter has a cold, so can’t come visit.  A grandson passed out in our kitchen yesterday afternoon and hit his head on the pantry door.  He may have had a slight concussion.  His glasses cut his face just above and to the side of his eye.  I’m afraid to ask what’s next.  Hope it’s nothing.

    Anyway, God is good, and He loves us, and helps us in hard times.  Better pray for patience for me.  Thanks.

March 18, 2014

  • Updates

    March 18, 2014

    “It is already early Tuesday morning as I fly across the ocean towards France. I am bracing myself for the arrival into the Central African Republic as I realize from reports that I have gotten and read online that the country I have known and grown up in has changed incredibly over the past year and three months. The rebellion which started over 15 months ago has displaced over a million people and  hurt hundreds of thousand of people across the country. Many of my close friends have been hurt and been killed. Dozens of pastors and lay leaders have given their lives in this conflict and now tens of thousand known as Anti-Balaka have committed terrible crimes again humanity, and claimed to do so in the name of Christianity!

    I ask myself what is it that God wants me to do in this conflict? Yes be a shining light of love to the people of the CAR but how can I do that most effectively? How do I show by example that we are loved and granted forgiveness by loving God? How to encourage forgiveness and reconciliation to the many thousands who have committed atrocities?

    Six members of our staff are refugees in Cameroon because the Anti-Balaka have literally chased them out of the country and looted and destroyed their homes. How do we show love to these members of our staff and encourage our staff to find tangible ways to show love to these co-workers?

    I will need wisdom that does not come from within myself to not be too harsh on anyone but recognize the struggle that all are going through in this country. Although there are some significant steps towards peace there is much that still needs to done in accepting all Central Africans and brothers in Christ and not separating our responses based on religion and tribe.”

    This is a report from the CEO of Water for Good, our friend, Jim Hocking.

    And now for a report on my husband.  He’s doing much, much better.  All tubes have been removed except for the PICC line.  He’s eating, walking, etc.  He may get to come home tomorrow or the next day.  I’ll let you know when I can.

March 14, 2014

  • Recovery

    They finally were able to remove the balloon from his heart, which means that now he can move his leg and they can get him up.  He sat in a chair for1 hour yesterday.  Today they plan to let/make him walk.  I’m getting to know my way around the hospital.  The nurses are taking wonderful care of him, and the children are taking wonderful care of me.  Thankful for friends (like you) who support and pray for us.  Hope y’all are doing well.  Maybe I’ll have time to catch up on your lives soon?  Hope so.